The grind

Every weekend I am either weaving my way through a sea of a scheduling or relaxing around the house with my husband, kiddos and the Chemex (If you don’t have one…you are missing out on what coffee should taste like. ( I’m asking myself, does it have to be this extreme?

Don’t get me wrong, I love planning, activity and being with all those people that I am making plans with, but sometimes I just need to chill out.

This weekend has started out perfectly though. I’ve had all those things. They were in a different order, but nonetheless, it has been great. It is noon on Saturday and so far since I left work yesterday this is what I’ve done:

  1. Hung out with my neighbors
  2. Dinner and froyo with my family
  3. One hour of piano lessons
  4. Bonfire with my sister-in-law
  5. Kiddo letting us sleep in an hour
  6. Coffee with a friend (via Chemex)
  7. Gardening (we can pretend to call it that)
  8. Blogging next to my dog

So, I have decided that I am and will continue to practice being intentional with my time. I will say no to things that make life too hectic but not so much that I don’t have time for the people that I love. Although I am an extrovert, I do need time alone with my book or outside exploring this beautiful creation.  The key word in that sentence that I need re-read is alone. We are all so busy that relationships and replenishing ourselves gets left in the dust.

I remember when my kids were both toddlers and alone meant the bathroom. Actually, I’ll rephrase that, sometimes when I went to the bathroom I got alone time. It really does get better mamas. I thought that day would never come. I promise it does and I really do miss trying to figure out how to get a shower into the day.

Spring is coming and I want to take on this season into the summer with my calendar full of precious memories. Not obligations. I love my job, my neighborhood, my family and friends too much not too look at it any other way.