Waiting for the storm

Sitting on my porch, watching darkness take over the night sky, it dawned on me that sometimes you have to walk out into the dark and face being uncomfortable and not sure of what’s ahead.

We are in a season of wondering what is next. When it’s dark out, I can’t see the sky to tell if a storm is brewing or if sunshine will rise in the morning. All I know is I must get up and step out into the darkness. Obey. Listen to the inner voice that continues to prod at my heart and take the next step forward without knowing the footpath.

I just have to say, it’s the same for you. We never know what tomorrow brings. Saddle up your closest friends and hold their hand tight. Brace the joys and heartaches the day will bring.

Close your eyes and ask God to give you peace and tell you what path to place your precious feet. Do it scared but put your foot down and be ready for your trail ahead.

Transition is painful. Waiting with a blindfold on, plain exhausting. But I tell you what, I’m doing it scared because I’m not letting life go by, leaving God’s best for me by the wayside.

This heart adores you, friends. You all know who you are. Reach out to those around you because the path can go downhill quickly and it’s a less scary with your tribe by your side. When you reach the place you’ve been dreaming of, you have someone to hug (and pinch to see if it’s real).

We need each other. Sharing this life makes it so much sweeter. Go find someone to hug and tell them you love them. Two things that we can’t live without.

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