Waiting. Resting.

Resting is not something I do well. Most days it is full throttle, diving into everything I do both professionally and personally. I love our family being active. I love being with my people. I love problem-solving with my team at the university. But this week, I need to rest. My body is literally craving it.

How do you rest? For me it is reading, gardening, playing the guitar or walking my dog. I love just being mindful of what is around me. The sound of the clock ticking, the birds singing or hearing the windy breezy. I have been researching this practice of mindfulness and being present. What a gift it has been with the busy life I lead.

I want to be still so I can be actively available when my daughters run to me with their newest masterpiece they made. I can dive into the art asking questions about details instead of just stating how nice it is. I want to be able to have the awareness to see why my husband is quiet. To see if he needs some TLC or just hear and understand he had a busy day. I use social media but sometimes it needs to go away. Just far away, so I am not aware of what my goofy friends and family (that I adore) are up to or todays political crisis looks like. I need to have gratitude for the moment I have been given. Take a deep breath and realize today is a new day I have been given life. 

God wants us to hear Him. He wants to speak to us through His Holy Spirit and the Word. I make time each morning to have quiet time with Him. But if I am honest, some days, I’m just going through the motions instead of sitting listening to our Heavenly Father.  I have to ask myself what is the difference? If I chosen to enter the presence of the Author of the Universe, why am I a distant in that moment?

More than likely, it is the day ahead that I am planning out. Distracted by something I just read on Facebook or I have anxiety, stress, pain that I am trying to handle on my own. This happens to me a lot if I don’t allow myself moments of quiet.

We need to allow ourselves to restore ourselves with His the presence of God, His glorious creation, His words of love and faithfulness. We can also give God away to the people around us if we take time to hear Him and be overcome by His love.


Whether you practice mindfulness (please look into this is you have not) or you worship our King Jesus, find your rest. Your body and soul need it. You are worth it.

This verse was given to me this year when I was seeking to find rest after some painful events and I just needed Jesus.

Hear my cry, O God; listen to my prayer.

From the ends of the earth, I call to you.

I call as my heart grows faint;

Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.

For you have been my refuge, a strong tower.

Psalm 61:1-3

He wants to be your strong tower. Let Him take on those daily burdens. Only He can carry them for you.

Love to you all! Have a restful weekend.

Photo credit: My sweet friend, Lori. A beautiful moment in our neighborhood. We all take a moment to stop and look at a rainbow, we just need to do it more often!

One Reply to “Waiting. Resting.”

  1. That rainbow is just a perfect reflection of the wonderful relationship you have with your neighbors and God’s promises! Love you friend – enjoy your rest!


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