Living with purpose

Living with purpose. Created for a reason. Chosen to be a wife, mom, daughter, sister and friend. These ideas have been swirling in my mind.

Most days I wake up and complete my daily routines. Coffee, reading, making lunches, getting ready, work, cleaning, playing, dinner, homework, bedtime with my babies and lounging with my man. Sure, throw in a soccer practice, piano lessons, Bible study or a coffee date but honestly, I’m pretty darn predictable.

This past Sunday as I listened to my pastor talk about being chosen. I realized that we all have been chosen for a purpose. When God created this beautiful creation, He had me in mind. I love that. I have meaning, even on those days when everything goes wrong. I spend so much time in the predictability that I often forget the important piece of living with purpose for what I have been called to do.

I was chosen to be Jeremy’s wife. What an honor to be loved by this gentle, funny, loving man. We were chosen to raise two sweet little girls together and show them how to live out their life with purpose. Would I ever teach them to live predictable lives with the same routine without thinking through what their greater purpose might be? Never would that cross my mind.

If that is unacceptable for me to teach my children, why am I sometimes completely satisfied with living life without the focus as to what I am here for?

Lately I have been asking God to show me what He wants for me in the next few years. I love where I am at in life. There is no better place than at home with my family. Working and supporting individuals with disabilities teaches me something new every single day. Promoting awareness on mental health and speaking as an advocate has turned my shame into peace. Soon I’ll be diving into the graduate world of Urban Affairs and Public Policy. All of this has purpose. I don’t know what direction He will take me in but I know that is not for me to decide. This is God’s work that I have been honored to carry out for Him.

Let me clarify. I enjoy my routines. I think we all need them. They just can’t drive us to forget that we each have something to give to the world around us. We all are gifted differently with unique talents that create a beautiful masterpiece when we work in harmony. Your smile and hello may be the only one a stranger sees all week. It’s not always the big stuff but in the little things we do as well.

Veenema-47Each season of life may present something different. Sometimes our plate is full and joyful. Other times we may be riding on the back of a friend because our load is too big too carry. Wherever yours may be right now, I hope you find peace knowing that you have meaning. Don’t go through life thinking that your routine is meaningless. It may be in the everyday that your life brings purpose to another.

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