Replenishing your soul

Why is setting time aside for ourselves so incredibly hard? It doesn’t matter what stage of life we are in but we all need to replenish our souls. For me, I need to time reading quietly, praying, listening to music and walking my dog under the stars. When I crowd my life with only details of a busy day, it’s almost as I don’t have the space to get anything done well. This not usually a pretty situation. The way I end up giving to people becomes rushed, forced and sometimes less quality than what I really want. The way you get down time may be totally different but I know you feel me and most likely need it.

When I miss my time, the gunk comes out when I least expect it. I recently had the kind of week where there was no time to breathe. One evening, I captured a few quiet moments to shut my eyes and daydream while planning the next few days. Then Jeremy and I had an everyday conversation. I forget what he even said but I just short circuited and got upset with his opinion. (Sorry, honey. I completely forget what it was about or I’d show how irrational I was in that moment.)  It wasn’t what he said that I was troubled by, it was that I had no room left to engage with him. The most important person in my life got the brunt of my business. I could fill this page with a list of moments that my 3 darlings have felt the ramification of this problem.

Jeremy and I try to wake up earlier to have our personal alone time. Note the word try. I need to listen to that alarm and get my behind out of bed. Snooze is not my friend. Those moments of refueling are necessary. A calmness and peace always result in those moments. I never regret getting up to read and meditate on what God is sharing with me over my cup of coffee. I always regret not doing it. Always. By taking time out to hear His voice, everything that does not matter fades away. I sincerely get clarity of His purpose for me. My priorities get shifted and I see what is before me that day in a different way.

Whether this time of life gives you 5 minutes or an hour, make time for yourself time to create the space. It’s going to look different for everyone. When my kids were little, I took a longer shower and that was what I needed and some days all I could get. Now I can take 20 minutes in the morning for reading. If I’m on it, I might even get tabata workout in. I try to end the day with a walk around the neighborhood staring at the stars. Do what you can. Find out what you need to get that replenishment. Ask a friend to help, if needed. I promise you will be glad you did.


Disclaimer: Stop using the snooze button. The weekends are my only exception because there is nothing better than sleeping in. I try to do that as long as my kids let me or until a German Shorthair Pointer sits on my face.

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