A St. Patrick’s Day gift

I have been struggling daily as I transition without the morning sunlight. Pulling myself out of bed has seriously been a job. My disorder reminded me this week that every single day is a gift. Every day. It might not always be easy but I need to embrace it good or bad.

My family was so excited to dress up for St. Patricks Day. It was planned the night before. I wore my green pants with pride and my girls had their green bows and socks with their little school uniforms. Jerm wore his green polo. He has a polo for every holiday. We love any reason to celebrate. It’s something that makes the daily routine a little less mundane.

Today  I pried myself out of bed, down the stairs. I drank my coffee and got through the daily fog. I kept watching my children’s eyes sparkle as I did their hair. As I went through my day, something kept coming back to me: why don’t we treat every day like St. Patrick’s Day? (If this is not your favorite day of the year, just work with me.) Where is the daily excitement? Why don’t I always have that sparkle like my girls did this morning?

I know we all have tough situations that may not be easy. Please don’t feel as though I am trivializing the tough realities of life. I face them myself.  But, each morning is new. Each day is a gift. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. I’m not trying to be a downer here but isn’t it true?

Think of your daily gift. Maybe it’s a chance to try again after a tough fall at work. A day to call that friend after a conflict. Another day to love. To give your all. To live out your calling. My friend wrote about purpose. How exciting is that?! We all have one. You aren’t just a placeholder in this thing called life. Check Viv out at https://wednesdaysmusings.wordpress.com

I’m not saying this is an easy. Crap happens and life can be tough. But let’s remind each other that there is tomorrow. We will get through this. We can’t do this alone and we need each other.

This sleeping in has taken me away from my early morning time with Jesus. I can feel it. But I have people in my life that are pulling me through this darkness. Showing me  and reminding me of life’s joy.

You never know what what a day brings. Maybe you are what gives someone joy in their mundane. Maybe your smile was what made that day special. Or that simple text just to say hi. Let’s celebrate St. Patrick’s Day all year. I like wearing green and who can turn down a reason to have a good IPA?



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