The process

Sometimes when I get an idea or a thought, it crosses my mind and I question it. Does that really make sense? Did I get enough sleep? There are other moments that are clear directions and steps must be made to follow through because it’s the right thing to do.

I attended a woman’s conference last month and I still can’t think about it without coming to tears. The information that went through this set brain waves are still making my mind hurt and I’ve spent the last while wondering what camp I stand in: ideas or actions. One idea was “God makes all things new….but are we going to let Him take us through the process?” What?!? Are you talking to me because millions around the world were getting the same message and how could this be directed at me?

I should look up the statistic on how many pieces of information we process each day. Let’s just say one thousand. Of course that is ridiculously low but I’m going with it. Out of those one thousand thoughts, how many of them are we taking the time to stop, reflect and respond to? Even if just a few of them were life deep, thought-provoking and life-changing, isn’t it worth it to just process them? The worst that could happen is moving on to the next one.

So, at this conference, Jo Saxton, an amazing speaker that loves Jesus, says that God makes all things new. That means He can change and restore anything in my life. That includes the impatience, need to control and have things perfect, spending habits. (That list could really eat up this entire page so I’m just stopping there.)

I want to be a wife that doesn’t get upset when the little recycling bin doesn’t make it to the big can on trash day and the mom that realizes that my kiddos are learning about life, just like I am. They are not supposed to be perfect either.

I think that we all have those areas that we dislike. What I love most is that when Jesus looks at me, the stuff I dislike is not what He sees. I may carry that. Guilt myself. Feel shameful about how I handled a situation. But, he sees a woman that loves Him and tries to serve Him and those around her the best that she can. All I need to bring to Him is who I am and He will do the rest. Abiding in His perfect love and acceptance. I have already been made new by accepting Him into my life.

So,  I am going to start processing these little treasures a little deeper. I usually find them in books, songs or conversations with friends. I do so with gladness because each one teaches me something. This idea that I’m not defined by my mess is really amazing. It’s only taken me three weeks to realize it. I’m glad I didn’t let that one pass by.

Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come. 2 Corinthians 5:17


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